We help families that are in desperate need of assistance. Giving peace of mind they will not be losing a family member.

Who adopts a pet thinking that someday they will not have the means to provide for them?  Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances get in the way of caring for our loved ones. Chances are, if you are struggling to take care of your family, you are struggling to take care of your pets too. 

That is where Family Pet Partners comes in. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in Oregon that helps where ever we can.
We have partnerships with Evergreen Veterinary Hospital to provide medical care, Prevent a Litter to help with Spay and Neuter we work with fosters to re-home pets when the unthinkable has to happen.
Our main goal is to keep pets with their families. 

Family Pet Partners

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Organizations under our Umbrella include:  Police K9 Support Fund, Bailey's Journey, and Lost and Found Pets of Salem, Newberg-Dundee, Yamhill, Carlton, Monmouth and Independence Oregon.