Your dog got out last night, your cat roamed a little too far than usual and you can't find them! What should you do? Maybe you've found a dog or cat (Or other animal). What should you do?  REPORT LOST OR FOUND - CLICK HERE

What to do if you've lost your dog:

First thing is first, Report that you've lost your dog at Marion County Dog Control! That way they have record of a lost dog is someone has already brought the dog in or check their records if a dog matching the description of your lost dog comes it! They will keep it on their page until they are found. Please include a picture of the dog, the name of the dog, male or female, where they were lost and a name and number for contact!

The second thing to do is make a Lost Ad on Craigslist in both the Pet Section and Lost and Found Section! Please Provide as many pictures as you have (You can upload 12 pictures to Craigslist) and post a detailed ad about what your dog looks like, how their demeanor is, what they were last wearing (If wearing anything), the location you lost the dog in or last known location and contact information (Email, Phone, etc) so that someone can contact you asap if they've found your dog. If your dog is microchipped, say that they are as well in the ad! Don't be stingy with information about your beloved Pooch! It can help bring him home!

Next you should make Flyers with almost as much information as you can fit on the page with a picture and post them Everywhere! I mean everywhere! Vet's offices, Pet stores, grocery stores if they allow them even! Around your neighborhood!

Knock Door to Door in your neighborhood as well if anyone has seen your dog! Sometimes people take in animals that look lost and take care of them!


What to do if you've Found a dog:

So you've found a dog and you've taken him in. First thing's first: Take them to the vet to get them Scanned for a Microchip! This is free to do and all vets check for microchips right out in the lobby. If one is found you can call immediately!.

The next step is if there wasn't a microchip, to call Marion County Dog Shelter and report that you've found a dog. You have to do this by law as dogs are considered property! When you tell them you have a found dog, please provide with a picture, description, approximate age, and location of where you found them. This information will be posted on Marion County's website for all to see.

After you've reported the found dog, you can either keep the dog at your residence or you can hand him over to Marion County Dog Shelter. If you keep the dog in home, you can keep him as long as you want (In fact, most shelters will want you to hold dogs/animals at your residence so that the shelter remains empty). If you do keep the found dog at your house, you have to be looking for his owner for 30 days before you can find him another home or adopt him into your family.  Please remember the dog is not your property until the 31st day.   If you take him to the shelter, they will take him and care for the dog up to 5 days after intake. After the 5th day, they will do an evaluation on the dog. If they find the dog adoptable, they will put the dog up for adoption or the dog may go to a Rescue. If they cannot find a rescue to take the dog  and the dog does not pass the medical and/or behavior test they will be euthanized after the 5th day. So if you can, please keep the dog in your home!

Post a Craigslist Ad in the Pet section AND the Lost and Found Section of Craigslist! Most people will want to with-hold information about the found dog in case someone just wants to claim the dog that's not theirs, but put at least something along the lines of breed of dog, where you found it, male or female and contact information so that the person looking for a lost animal don't contact you with high hopes you found their animal and find out it's not. You can be stingy, but don't be too stingy with the information here!

Post Flyers around town! In stores, in vets, on posts, everywhere! Someone walking by or shopping may know the dog you've found and can contact the owners that way!


If you've lost a Cat:

Call Salem Friends of Felines and go to Willamette Valley Humane Society and put in Lost ads for your kitty! You have to go into the Humane Society yourself to report a lost cat!

Put an ad out on Craigslist in both the Pet section AND the lost and found section! Don't be stingy on Information! Post up to 8 pictures and put as much information about your kitty as possibly! The more we know, the easier it will be to spot your kitty! Contact information as well! Please leave a phone number or email address and a name we can reach you by! This will make getting in contact with owners MUCH easier!

Post Flyers Everywhere! I mean Everywhere! Vets, Stores, Streets! Include a picture, description and contact information!

Go door to door in your neighborhood! A lot of times cats will get lured in with food!


If you've Found a Cat:

Go to the vet immediately and scan for a microchip! Call any information if provided!

Call Salem Friends of Feline and go into Willamette Valley Humane Society and tell them you've found a Stray Kitty/Lost Kitty. They will ask you for information about the kitty and they will keep it on record! They will only hold a cat for 1 business day before they are put on the floor for adoption! (To drop a stray off at the Humane Society as well, it's $10 donation fee). However, if you keep the cat at your residents, they will keep the found file on Record for any one looking for their cat for 30 days!

Post Flyers Everywhere about the Found Cat including Rescues!

Go door to door asking if they know the cat or if they know anyone that's asked about their missing kitty! Sometimes it's in their own neighborhood that they belong in!


If you've found any other animal:


Farm animals

Department of Agriculture (503) 986-4681

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary (503) 394-4486



If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, please contact:

Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center: (503) 540-8664

American Wildlife Foundation: (503) 227-4036

Dept. of Fish & Wildlife: (971) 673-6000


Feral Cats

WHS is not able to provide any kind of trapping service for feral cats. You may trap and bring in a feral cat, but please understand that feral cats cannot be accepted for our adoption program. Please call us at (503) 585-5900, ext. 300, for an appointment. We charge a fee of $25 to safely handle and accept a feral cat. If you need to trap a feral cat, follow these guidelines and tips for humanely trapping feral cats, compiled by the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. Traps may be rented from United Rentals (503-393-1222), Capital Rentals (503-378-1122), or from the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (503-931-2466).



Important Reminder As Provided by Marion County Dog Shelter:

 Once you find an animal and you keep it in your home rather than taking it to the shelter, you have 30 days to find the owner of the found animal! You cannot legally re-home this animal into a permanent home until the 30 days are up because all animals are considered Property in the State of Oregon (similarly to finding an abandoned car. You can't legally claim this car yours until 30 days have past). In this 30 days, you must report the found animal and actively be searching for the owner. If no owner shows, on the 31st day, the animal is now legally yours to keep or re-home. If an owner shows up after the 31 days, they will have to provide proof that they have been trying to find their animal (Reports, flyers, ads etc) before they can try to claim the animal.


For more information about this law, please call Marion County Dog Shelter for any questions you have.

I hope your animals are found and returned home! Lost and Found Pet of Salem Oregon is here to help you locate your pet as best as we can!  Below are tagged Facebook Pages of the shelters and rescues in the area! If you know of more, you can tag them as well!